Multizone Controller New

Smart set underfloor heating

Product description:

The Multizone Controller is a wireless set of devices for underfloor heating, which includes the smart AURATON Floor Heating Controller with a long radio range and four maintenance-free AURATON Vela thermostatic actuators. The Multizone Controller will help you manage multi-zone underfloor heating in your home, and in combination with the AURATON Pulse control panel it will provide you with remote heating control and the ability to set heating schedules. Enjoy heat when you are at home and save energy when you are away.

8 heating zones
Furnace Guard
Heat Chip
Mounting on a DIN rail
Pump Guard

Comprehensive control of underfloor heating

Control 8 heating zones, a central heating pump and a furnace or other heating devices with a single device. The smart wireless AURATON Floor Heating Controller is a multi-purpose device for underfloor heating control in your smart home.

Quiet automatic operation of all heating circuits

Have more than 4 circuits in your house? Not a problem. In each heating zone you can add up to 6 circuits – 6 AURATON Vela actuators per zone. Controlling each heating loop with AURATON Vela actuators guarantees quiet and smooth operation for many years.

Wireless device communication with Easy Connect

Connect the Multizone Controller set with other devices from the SMART product line using the Easy Connect function and control heating with a thermostat – AURATON Heat Monitor. You can also expand the set by adding the Pulse control panel and control the underfloor heating remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Interference-free, wide-range operation

Thanks to a special screw-in antenna, the wireless AURATON Floor Heating Controller can easily communicate with all other paired devices in your home. An additional antenna will ensure continued communication even if the strip is mounted in the underfloor manifold metal box – thanks to a magnet you can easily attach it to the outside of the box.*



*External antenna sold separately.

Effective protection of your underfloor heating system

Install an external temperature sensor on the inlet pipe and protect your heating system from overheating. The Heat Chip function will cut off the water supply to the underfloor manifold when it detects that the system water temperature is too high.

Modern protection of heating devices

Smart heating means not only maintenance-free operation and remote control, but also longer life of heating devices. The Furnace Guard function protects devices from being switched on and off too frequently, while the Pump Guard protects the central heating pump from stagnation and premature wear.

Tool-free installation

No additional tools are needed to use the set. The AURATON Vela actuators can be easily mounted on the manifold manually, and the AURATON Floor Heating Controller can be quickly connected to a DIN rail.

Set a schedule for each day, control and change it from anywhere in the world

Leaving for a spontaneous weekend getaway? Immersed in a compelling book or film? With the AURATON Pulse control panel and the smartphone app, you can effectively control heating both when you are away and from the comfort of your sofa. Raise the temperature in your home when you need it and lower it when you want to save energy.

A home where you can enjoy life

The Auraton Smart system will allow you to take your family life to a new level. Find out how you can benefit from this change.

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