Temperature Sensor Indoor New

Wireless internal temperature sensor

Product description:

The AURATON Temperature Sensor Indoor is a smart thermometer that accurately measures the temperature inside a building. The operating temperature and temperature measurement range is from 0°C to 45°C.

Can be mounted on a wall or on a shelf
No buttons
Precise temperature measurement

Full control over the temperature in the room and convenient management of connected devices

The Temperature Sensor Indoor can be used for underfloor, radiator or mixed heating. The sensor measures the temperature and sends data to, for instance, the AURATON Controller strip or AURATON Heater Controller for the heating device and AURATON Radiator Controller for the electronic head. After pairing with the AURATON Pulse control panel and launching the AURATON Smart app, you can control devices remotely from any place on earth and gain access to new functions, such as setting operating schedules.

Compact – almost unnoticeable in the room

Thanks to its small size and classic housing, the Temperature Sensor Indoor is almost unnoticeable when installed in the room. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf.

A home where you can enjoy life

The Auraton Smart system will allow you to take your family life to a new level. Find out how you can benefit from this change.

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