Flood Sensor Valve

Smart water valve

Product description:

Flood Sensor Valve soothes your nerves during your trip. With it, you can close the water supply to your home at any time. Just start the application. The valve will close or open the water supply according to your wishes.

Auraton AntiStop
Permanent or battery powered
Three diameters – DN15, DN20, DN25
Waterproof – IP67

Smart system that watches over your safety

The Flood Sensor Valve is an electronic valve that you can control at any time, from anywhere on Earth, using the Auraton Smart App.

A smart home is a safe home. Get the Water Set or pair the Flood Sensor Valve with the Flood Sensor to get a system that will automatically close the water supply in the event of flooding. Your home or office will be protected from damage even in your absence.

Protection under all circumstances

Your home deserves protection even in the event of a power outage. Unlike other solenoid valves available on the market, Auraton’s Flood Sensor Valve can work both in battery mode and via constant USB power supply. You can track the battery level on your smartphone: if it’s low, you’ll also get a notification.

No internet? No problem!

A lost internet connection will no longer mean that your home is unprotected. Thanks to its special communication system, the Flood Sensor will still detect flooding and send an alarm directly to the valve, closing the water supply and protecting you from costly damages.

Protection against installation damage

The Auraton Anti-Stop function ensures that the valve itself remembers cyclical cleaning, which prevents seizing and keeps your installation in good condition.

Smart home with a smart garden

Equipped with a waterproof housing, the valve will allow you to control the water supply indoors and outside. With one click in the mobile app you can control the watering of your garden.

Equipment tailored to your installation

The Flood Sensor Valve, smart water valve, is available in three diameters: DN15, DN20, DN25 (1/2 ″, 3/4 ″, 1 ″). Regardless of the dimensions of the installation, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.

A home where you can enjoy life

The Auraton Smart system will allow you to take your family life to a new level. Find out how you can benefit from this change.

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