Flood Sensor

Water leak detector

Product description:

Flood Sensor is a wireless sensor that detects flooding. His design is inspired by circles that create a soft
drops falling on the water surface. The beautiful form is emphasized by legs covered with 24 carat gold, which will distinguish the real flood from the momentary flooding of the sensor.

Battery - 10 years
Hardly submersible
Waterproof – IP67

Design inspired by nature

Nature is the best inspiration. Imagine falling droplets forming circles on a smooth surface of water. This was the inspiration for design of the leak sensor. Its legs are covered with 24-carat gold, which help it to distinguish real flooding from momentary splashing.

Small size and mobility

Behind the washing machine? Under the sink? In the boiler room? By the pipe? Thanks to the small size of the Flood Sensor, you can place it exactly where protection is needed.

The Flood Sensor can distinguish a real flood from temporary flooding, so you can behave freely near the sensor. If you spill water on it or wet it while mopping the floor, just raise the sensor within 10 seconds and wipe it off. It will switch off the alarm and won’t ask the Flood Sensor Valve to close water supply.

Protection even when you are not at home

When the Flood Sensor detects flooding, it will immediately alarm you with a light and sound signal. If you do not react, the sensor will send a command to the Flood Sensor Valve to close the water supply and prevent damage.

Don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance – the Flood Sensor is resistant to pressure up to 100kg, so you don’t have to worry if you step on it. It can also cope with deep water due to its buoyancy and water resistance IP 67.

Protection against flooding for years

The Flood Sensor does not require installation – just put it in a place where you are afraid of flooding. Connecting the sensor with the smart water valve and the Auraton Smart App will take a moment, and you will enjoy protection for up to 10 years, without having to replace the battery.

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