Heater Controller

Heating device switch

Product description:

The Heater Controller will serve you to precisely manage the operation of a furnace or other actuator that requires a solid approach, e.g. large electric heaters, boilers or pumps. The 16-amp relay allows you to connect the controller to almost any home installation, ensuring maximum performance and low bills.

16 amp relay
Auraton FrostGuard
Precise management of the heating device


While you spend time at home with your family, heating devices work silently in the background to provide that cozy feel. The Heater Controller makes sure that your home always has a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather outside, while ensuring your devices have a longer lifespan and trouble-free operation.

The smart Heater Controller is a universal device that fits almost any home heating system. It can control the operation of gas furnaces, pumps or boilers – whatever you need.

Lower heating bills
Thanks to the Heater Controller, your heating devices only work when necessary. Together with other products from the Auraton Smart offer, you will be able to create the most economical smart heating setup, which will immediately result in lower bills.

Warmth under your control

The controller works according to your rhythm – set it so that the temperature at home will adapt to your family’s lifestyle and provide warmth when you need it most. You can easily set the heating schedule in the mobile app – Auraton Smart App.

Your family’s safety
The heating device switch has buttons that can arouse the curiosity of little explorers. Fortunately, you can block the operation of the buttons – children will not be able to manipulate the temperature at home.

Frost protection
The Heater Controller will protect your installation from freezing over. A built-in thermometer monitors the surroundings and, if the temperature drops below 4 ° C, starts heating up. You can sleep peacefully, knowing your house is protected in your absence.

Heating according to your preferences

The Heater Controller will not forget the settings you choose, even if it runs out of power. After being turned on again, the controller will care for your comfort in the home thanks to the internal memory.

A home where you can enjoy life

The Auraton Smart system will allow you to take your family life to a new level. Find out how you can benefit from this change.

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