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Auraton Smart

Auraton Smart App will allow you to quickly and conveniently control your smart home via smartphone or tablet. Download it today for free!

Home control via smartphone?
It's easy!

With the Auraton Smart App you can easily manage your home.


Group simple actions that are to happen at a similar time, e.g. switching on several lamps at once.

You can also make each operation delayed for the special effect.


Group the device parameters and Auraton Smart will synchronize their values.

When you create a group, e.g. from the target temperature parameter on the thermostat and radiator controller - any change in value on any Auraton Smart device will be copied to the others.


Program the settings of the device for the whole week.

This way you can easily manage, for example, the temperature in the entire home.


Combine various events in strings or steam.

E.g. if you turn on the light in the living room, DO the temperature rises to 23°C, or IF the Flood Sensor
detects a threat - DO the system closes the water valve.


Make scenes. Group several operations at the touch of a button and make them done at once.

E.g. when you step out onto the terrace, you can turn on several lighting sections at once.


Configure the heating start based on the internal program of the device.

Choose the devices that will initiate the operation and the devices that are to respond to the signal and raise the temperature.

Push notifications

Get notifications about every action even when you don’t have the application running on your smartphone.

Thanks to this, you always know what is going on in your home.

Designed for your comfort!

Simple smart home management system – Auraton Smart, consists of devices that communicate with each other to meet your needs.

  • Control and set different temperatures in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.
  • Set a garden watering schedule and shut off the water supply remotely when you’re not at home.
  • Turn off all your home devices with just one click and save energy.

Have your home at your fingertips and enjoy the benefits of Auraton Smart Home.

"We are very pleased with the remote temperature control. At night it is cooler, and when we get up, the floor in the bedroom and bathroom is already pleasantly warm. "

What else do you gain?


The mobile app gives you full control over your home, even if you are at work or on holidays. With Auraton Smart you can sleep peacefully.


Smart home means lower bills. In the app you can track the costs of energy consumed - you'll see how much you save each day.


Do you want to share your account with other household members? No problem! Your loved ones can also control your home using the application.


With the Auraton Smart App you can manage exactly what you want and how you want. The application will adapt to your needs.

Download Auraton Smart App
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