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When you come back from work, you want your home to be pleasantly warm or cool - depending on the weather. When you go on holiday, you need to be sure that your home is safe. It would also be nice to control lighting and heating without leaving your bed, preferably from your own smartphone.
Auraton Smart turns these needs into reality. You and your family deserve a safe and intelligent home where you can live comfortably and relax.
What makes Auraton Smart different?


Auraton Smart is a system created for the family. It is easy to use and does not require daily attention. Do you want to take your home life to a new level? Simply select the areas where you need Auraton Smart support the most and choose your set of smart devices.


Thanks to Auraton Smart, your home will be protected against the elements, even during your absence: the smart water valve will cut off the water in the event of flooding, the FrostGuard function will prevent the heating system from freezing even in severe winters, and thieves won’t be able to tell you’ve left the home as the lights act in accordance with your daily habits.


The advantage of Auraton Smart is home security, but also real savings. The system is designed to ensure efficient energy consumption regardless of which heating program you choose, and the flood recognition function will protect your home from costly damage. Power consumption is also under control. With each subsequent bill, you will notice the benefits of using Auraton Smart devices.


Comfort is not just knowing that your home is safe and your bills are low - it's also the convenience of it all. You can easily control devices via the Auraton Smart App and enjoy a home that knows and meets your needs, every day.

How does the Auraton Smart system work

Auraton Smart is a system created by people who, like you, understand the challenges of everyday home life. We give you a flexible and simple system that helps you to manage your entire home using your smartphone or tablet.


Auraton Smart was created and developed for homes in which each member has their individual needs, including children. We believe that home life is a busy schedule, full of surprises.

Our Smart line devices ensure flexibility, comfort, savings and security 365 days a year.

How does the Auraton Smart system work:

What do you gain?

Auraton Smart turns your home into a real smart home within minutes. Control devices in just a few clicks on your smartphone or allow them to work in the background so you have more time to enjoy a safe, comfortable and intelligent home.

  • Remote control through a mobile application
  • Effective operation even during power outages
  • Efficient energy management - lower energy and water bills

Smart home - is it worth it?

Do you want to easily control the heating in your home? Do you want to be able to automatically turn off the lights? Or are you afraid of water leaks? Create a smart home that lives in harmony with your family - Auraton Smart adapts to your needs.

Heating Control

The temperature in your home can be adapted to your family’s daily routine – the morning chill or cold floor no longer affects you. Auraton Smart devices will allow you to plan the level of heat in your home according to your family’s preferences.

  • You can count on lower bills – a reduced temperature during your absence means considerable savings on heating.
  • With Auraton Smart you are able to control standard and underfloor heating.
  • Sets of devices will allow you to create a tailor-made heat control system.

Energy Control

Do you know how much electricity costs in your home? With Auraton Smart you can control and track energy consumption on your phone. Convenience and savings in one.

  • You no longer have to wonder if the iron is disconnected from the power supply – you can turn off electrical devices remotely using your phone.
  • The mobile app will convert energy consumption into costs so monitoring your home expenses will be simpler.
  • With the Auraton Smart system, you will also be able control garage doors and window blinds.

Water Control

Water leak in your home is a huge stress and a lot of costs. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from the serious effects of flooding by using Auraton Smart devices that detect the threat and, if necessary, cut off the water supply.

  • Place wireless Flood Sensors wherever you think a leak might occur- behind the washing machine, under the sink or in the utility room.
  • Your home is protected from damage even when you are at work or on holidays. The solenoid valve will automatically close the water supply after the sensors detect flooding.
  • You can buy anti-flood devices together in the Water-Stop Set.

Remote Home Control

An intelligent home must be easy to use, after all, it should make life easier for all household members. Auraton Smart is a system of devices that communicate thanks to a special home hub. You can easily control the whole house from your mobile phone.

  • Create a heating schedule for your home so that all rooms have the right temperature.
  • Determine what time the lights and electrical devices should turn on.
  • Turn off the water supply and electrical appliances using the telephone – even if you are not at home.

Auraton Smart App

Auraton Smart App is your way for simple and quick home control via smartphone or tablet.

  • Change and control the temperature in each room separately or combine them into groups
  • Shut off the water supply to the apartment when you go on holidays and do not worry about water leaks
  • Set schedules and save energy when you are not at home

All this you can do with a few clicks! Now your home is always within reach!

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Customer reviews

Check what others think about the Auraton Smart system

Tomek W.

Great stuff!
Finally, devices that are easy to use and actually make life easier.


Price adequate to products and their abilities. The system is fairly simple to install and use. The only minus is the lack of door and window sensor.

Adam K.

Value for money
I bought a Water Stop set and two additional flood detectors. I put it in my flat for rent, I tested the system and it works. The disadvantage is that if the sensor detects flooding and cuts off water, the water can only be turned on manually and not remotely. I assume this is a safety issue, but when renting it can be a hassle.

Julita D.

Simple and convenient
My husband bought and installed Flood Sensor Valve in the garden and installed the app on my phone. During the week I have a watering schedule, but when I see that it is raining, I turn easily it off. I recommend.


Faulty Water Stop set
I am a plumber. I installed the Water Stop set at the customer's site, which turned out to be defective. Fortunately, I had a spare. I sent the broken set back. Contact with service very good. They exchanged the set for new one within 2 days, but 2 stars, because I lost time to change valves.


System for families
We were one of the first families to test Auraton Smart devices. The system is really created for the families - simple to use and install, and the price is reasonable. I recommend.

Ewa T.

Great customer service
I haven't bought the system yet, but 5 stars for customer service. Auraton gladly answers my, sometimes stupid, questions and helped me to choose the best solutions, even if they go beyond the scope of their products. Great people!

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