Auraton Pulse

SMART system controller

Product description:

Auraton Pulse is an elegant, easy to install and use control center for your home. It allows you to manage devices in your home using the intuitive smartphone application. Pulse will tell you what’s important by changing the intensity and colour of the LED. You also don’t have to worry that in the event of a power outage you will have to configure everything again. Auraton Pulse remembers all your settings and will return to them as soon as it receives power.

Auraton Smart App
Encrypted connections
Remembers your settings
Remote firmware update
Secure connection with the Aura protocol

In accordance with your habits

Your Auraton Pulse smart home controller remembers your preferences even if it loses connection to the network or if there is a power outage – no need to reconfigure the settings. The device will continue as normal as soon as it powers back on.

Make Auraton Pulse fit into your home

The minimalist design will work in any interior: you are able to mount the device on the wall or put it in a chosen place. The colour and intensity of the LED can also be adjusted to your preferences – you can change them in the mobile app.

Auraton Pulse Operation

Simple set up

Starting the control panel of your smart home is really easy. Take Auraton Pulse out of the box and use the paper instruction or mobile application that will guide you step by step.

Battery status view

Do you want to enjoy wireless technology, but are afraid that you will forget to charge or replace the batteries in the devices? That’s a thing of the past. Thanks to the Auraton Pulse control panel and Smart App, you can check the battery status of your any devices at any time.

In harmony with nature

Our products offer not only comfort and savings, but also a positive impact on the environment. Your efficient use of water, gas and electricity means lower emissions of harmful gases and particles into the atmosphere. Caring for ecology is one of the values of our brand – join our efforts to improve the environment.

A convenient mobile app for managing your smart home

With the Auraton Smart app, you will take your home life to a new level. Changing the temperature in the children’s room when you are sitting in the living room? Or maybe shutting off the water at home during your holiday? No problem, you can do it with a few taps on your smartphone.

A home where you can enjoy life

The Auraton Smart system will allow you to take your family life to a new level. Find out how you can benefit from this change.

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